Pivot table not displaying data

I have entered data in my DHIS2 data entry forms. However, when I tried running the pivot table, it displays no data despite selecting all dimensions rightly.

I tried running analytics, maintenance complete well, but resource tables and analytics tables returned errors

Welcome to the community @Harmson! :tada:

Thanks for sharing! Do you know if this happens to a superadmin user as well? This might be because your user still needs to be given the user authorities to access the data. I see from the screenshot that the data is not displayed in the dashboard, but does this happen in the pivot table app as well?

Our best bet to know the real cause might be by getting info from the Developer Tools in your browser. Log into your account, and then before opening the table in the app, open the Console (F12) then select Network tab and then open the pivot table (and then take a screenshot).

I have another note, and it’s recommend that you upgrade if you’re using an older version. Additionally, it’s also recommended that users start using the Visualizer app because the Pivot Table app will be deprecated in future versions of DHIS2. Thanks! (: