Pivot Table application will be retired in 2.37 release (October 2021)

Hi Community,

In the 2.34 release we completely replaced all of the existing functionality of the pivot table application into the data visualizer application. Now, pivot tables are just another visualization type supported in the data visualization application. Since the release of 2.34, we have not added any new functionality or improvements to the pivot table application. Meanwhile, many new features and performance improvement are constantly being added to the data visualizer application. Any request for improvement on pivot tables will be done in the data visualizer application.

The 2.36 release (April 2021) will be the last release that pivot tables will be included in the core applications produced by UiO. In the 2.37 release (October 2021) the pivot tables application will be completely retired and no longer available.

We advise that you begin planning on training your users to use the data visualizer application for making pivot tables with your next upgrade.

On a lighter note, here is a funny video about Pivvy, the DHIS2 pivot table helper bot, having to find a new job. Pivvy searches for a new life after DHIS2 - YouTube

All the best,