periodstructure giving errors...

I suspect you have more invalid periods then. You should follow the same pr=
ocedure for other period types=2C i.e. checking to be sure that all months =
are one month=2C all weeks are one week=2C etc.=20
You may want to try something like
SELECT startdate=2C periodtypeid=2CCOUNT(*) from period GROUP BY startdate=
=2Cperiodtypeid HAVING COUNT(*) > 1 =3B

and see which periods and period types you have multiple records for. Ideal=
ly=2C this should not happen.=20


On Mon=2C Sep 15=2C 2014 at 3:53 PM=2C Moemedi Ntunyane <moemedi.ntunyane@h=> wrote:
Hi Jason
Thnx=2C I had successfully elimated duplicate records the error still pesis= complaining of ISO column: is this column a date column??

failed: PreparedStatementCallback=3B SQL [insert into _periodstructure =0A=
values (?=2C?=2C?=2C?=2C?=2C?=2C?=2C?=2C?=2C?=2C?=2C?=2C?)]=3B ERROR: null =
value in column "iso" =0A=
violates not-null constraint=3B nested exception is =0A=
org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: null value in column "iso" =0A=
violates not-null constraint.


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