Patient attributes is not saving in dhis2 2.13 version

Dear Experts,

We are using dhis2 2.13 version in our Tracker server.

We have a program name COIA Child Tracker; it has 2.13 version default attributes (Full Name, Gender, Date of Birth and so on.). Additionally, we have few more Patient Attributes with predefined attributes value BCG(Valid, Not Taken and so one.)

This program tracking Child and it is working fine and saving it’s all attributes value perfectly. Suddenly it is not saving its patient attributes value. When I add Patient with predefined attributes It is not saving PatientAttrivutesvalue ( Full name, Gender those saving rightly Except our define attributes)

Go to Patient Dashboard Identifier Attributes Its shows no value saved, Again add value here and saved that time few attributes value is saved (not all)

If I go patient profile edit page it shows few attributes value saved, Again I update this profile It deleted the existing Attributes value.

Log shows * INFO 2015-11-24 15:47:43,267 Deleted objects associated with object of type P

atientAttributeValue ( [http-apr-8085-exec-9])

Here I attached the detail log and sequence in screen short

Still I am clueless and its our patient tracker running server. Please please help me out from this prob.

Thanks in advance

log_file.txt (18.4 KB)

Patient_Attributes_not_saving.docx (203 KB)



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