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Hi Dayo,

Thank you so much for your quick response.

I have checked and can confirm that none of the attributes is selected under the Person Mobile Settings. I really don’t know or understand why it is behaving like that.

Thank you once again, Dayo.


‎Dear John,

Were these other details listed as part of the fields that should be displayed under Person Mobile Settings?

I noticed that when you setup your form, it usually populates and when included as part of Person Mobile Settings Fields, it repeats itself.

I hope this helps.




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Hi All,

I have 15 patient attributes including Patient number, First name, Surname, etc. setup in the Tracker module.99 All 15 attributes have been placed in a group of attributes which I named Form 01. On the ‘Register new person’ page, the 15 attributes are rendered as expected but then I see on the page the label, ‘Other details’ and below that, all the 15 attributes are rendered again thus, repeating the list of attributes already rendered (please see the attached screenshot).

Please what is responsible for ‘Other details’ on the Register new person page and how can I suppress it.

Thank you.


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