OrgUnits and DataSets not loading after upgrade to 2.34.1

Dear @dhis2-platform @dhis2-backend,
We are in the process of upgrading our platforms to ver 2.34.1 from 2.33.6. We decided to use a test server to test the upgrade.
After the upgrade, we noticed that on the aggregate data entry module, the OrgUnits show up on the left side of the page but when you click on the OrgUnit, it does not load on the data entry form and also the dataset keeps loading perpetually:

Here is the console error:

Attached is the log from Catalina

Catalina Logs v1.docx (16.9 KB)

I saw a similar issue here Cannot load OrgUnits or DataSet in Data Entry from 2016 but have tried the suggestions made but it did not work.

Please could anyone guide us on how to resolve this?
Thank you so much.

Hey @ifeanyiokoye,

The 504 status code in your console could indicate that you are reaching the server timeout. For example, nginx. Is it possible? What timeout do you have, if you are using nginx? How long does it take until that request is completed?


Thank you @Gintare for your response. We had increased the timeout limit already but still having the same issues.
From a previous post, this issue seems to have several causes.
Looking forward to your help.
Thank you.