Organization unit as option set

Dear all,
I am working on Client registration page. I need to capture client address which might differ from facility address so i need district and vdc dropdown from organization unit for that. Does anyone has any idea to list those field and saving them on database?

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Dear All,

I have similar problem of using DHIS2 Tracker for Disease Registry. In our case, Cancer Registration, is conducted in one health facility that has resources to treat cancer patient. Data is inputed by Registrars in this health facility where patients can come from different health facilities, different districts and different provinces. However, the analysis should be visualized based on district where patient come from (patient address).

Following the Tracker concept, patient should be register based on its Org Unit. In our situation, it is difficult for registrar to select org unit in the begining then register the patient information for several reasons. We cannot predict where the patient come from, as we also need to assign Regisrar to these region/area, the business process of selecing org unit (province, districts, health facility) in the begining before registering a patient is not common for the Registrar, especially when there are thousand of Org Unit with their hierarchi.

I wonder is there any JIRA request that following this issue? Thank you

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