Organisation units hierarchy embeded in download

Dear team,
Great work for the enhancements. How do I download linelist with the organisation units hierarchy embedded?
Best regards.

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Thank you @ETSally!

Would you please explain your question a little bit more? Do you want to export a CSV or XLS file with with list of OUs?

Exactly, sir.
Example, when you download at national or regional level you get only the health facility name without the higher OUs.

Did you check the Path variable in Export MetaData ? it contains all ID’s of its parents

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Apologies if this is not the correct thread for this query. I would like to map organisation units to districts and extract a table showing which district the OU is located in. I am able to create a map using the map module, however I am unsure how to export this as a linked table. Is anybody able to assist?

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like this Abbie?


yes, exactly!

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voila! Hope it helps!


Hi, @Vittoria.Cri
it works in “Data Visualizer” but it doesn’t work in “Event reports”


Organisation unit hierarchy is only available in the Aggregate reports not in event or new line list app This is something which needs to be looked at


This is currently in progress according to this: [DHIS2-2367] - Jira


Also wondering if another option might be preferable—I’ve had multiple end-users request the ability to have multiple OU selections available, so that you can have, for example, 1 Disaggregation by Country, and the 2nd Disaggregation by District, etc. This would look something like this:

Perhaps not (I have no idea), but this may even be an easier option to incorporate into DHIS2?