Org Unit Levels (2.24 7088b7e)

Hello Everyone,

We need some help/guidance with cleaning up our Org Unit levels.

We initially created org units at 6 levels in a hierarchy i.e. (from top to bottom) National (1) -->State (2) -->Local Government Area (3)–>Comprehensive Site (4)–>Satellite Site (5) -->Outreach Site (6).

We were having issues with the data aggregation and decided to put all facilities at one level (4) and changed the level name to Facility. We also plan to use the org unit groups to differentiate the sites.

In the maintenance app → Org Unit → Org Unit Level, it shows that we have only 4 levels but in the pivot tables and in the aggregation levels section when creating data elements, it’s still showing the 6 levels even though the last 2 levels are no longer showing in the org unit level management section.

What do we need to do so that only the 4 levels show to avoid confusion with the users and program managers?

Looking forward to your response.

Thank you.

We use DHIS2 2.24 version 7088b7e

Warm Regards,