Org Unit group set dimension doesn't work in analytic

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I would like to share the issue of using Org Unit group set dimension in aggregate analytic.

I created the organization units in DHIS2 by implementing the partner’s name in their area townships. Then I grouped org units for each partner. After that, I created the Org Unit group set and then put all the Implementing partner groups. There in Org unit group set, I ticked the check-box of DATA DIMENSION and INCLUDE SUBHIRARCHY IN ANALYTICS. Then, I did data entry in org units that are created under the respective townships.

In analytics, I want to see the data total number by each organization (data in row, implementing partners name in the column, and period and organization unit in the filter. ) So, I put the org unit group set in the column setting of analytic. It doesn’t show any data. when I remove the org group set dimension from analytics, data is appearing.

there is no that kind of issue in play dhis2 (demo site) 2.38.2 which is the version I am using. Could someone please give some suggestions for that?

Dear @Kyawmoewai_Ngp ,
Its hard to say what might be the problem with your particular setup. However, I think there is perhaps a better way to setup your system. Creating partners as organisation units CAN work, but it can also be quite cumbersome, since oftentimes partners tend to work in certain facilities for a while and then may start providing services in other facilities. Another pattern which is often used is to create a “Attribute option combination” called “Implementing partner”. All of your partners can be represented as an option there, and in the data entry screen, instead of selecting a particular organisation unit, you would simply select the partner. You can see how this is done on the DHIS2 Play instances, by selecting the “ART Monthly summary” dataset. In this case, the dataset is disaggregated by Partner and Project, but in your case, maybe you just need Partner.

I know of many instances which are using this basic pattern, and I think in the long run, it will be much easier to maintain as new partners are added to your system.

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Thank you so much for your comments. First, I thought to use the attribute category combination for Implementing Partners. But each partner has different datasets which include some of the same data elements. And, I don’t want partners to see each other’s data entry. That is why I created separate org units in their area townships. Organization Unit group set in play dhis2 (2.38.2) works properly as a data dimension.

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