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I am running the DHIS2 program under version
I have experienced an issue regarding searching on an option set that contains names and codes (ICD-10 code list). the issue is when some doctors know the code and at the earliest versions they can search by code from the option setlist
For example, ICD-10 diagnoses for Chelora → A00 they use A00 as a code for search but unfortunately now when they search by code it does not retrieve any values which was working perfectly at earlier versions of DHIS2…

Could you please help if there is any workaround to solve it at version: and is it resolved at the new release 2.40?

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Hi @ayman.tuffaha

Thank you for your post! While testing on play, I found the option set Diagnosis ICD10 and it had the code next to the name so when searching one could find the option whether one used the name or the code.

Would this fix the issue? Thanks!

Thanks @Gassim ,

I will try to export this list from play, and figure it out.


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Thanks! As you know that play is not the official resource and that it’s open for the public to make changes and “play.” So you might want to compare, or if it’s possible export the one from your instance and use spreadsheet software to recreate it!

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