Option set translations don't show in Event Reports/Event Visualizer/ Program name translation is not shown in Event & Tracker capture


There seem to be 2 more issues with the translations:

  1. Option set’s Options translations do not show up in Event reports and Event visualizer. Also, Event Report/visualizer module in general are not translated like Pivot table.
  2. Program name translation doesn’t show on Event capture and Tracker capture screens i.e. while entering data for event or tracker, under program name selection field, the translated name of program is not shown.

Is it possible to see the translated name for the above 2 in future or soon with 2.24?

Thank you


Hi there,

It seems first point of this issue is oldest issue which still exists. I have created JIRA ticket [DHIS2-11509] - Jira.

Dear @dhis2-analytics , @Scott , @geetha is there any chance to get fixed this issue in next debugging sprint?

Thank you.