Option set filtering

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Is there a way to filter option sets for options based on the user group / user logged in ?

Options a,c can be viewed by only Username 1.
Options b,d can be viewed by only Username 2.

I know that this can be done with category options but I do not know how to achieve this in option sets.


Abumere Ejakhegbe.


Hello @Abumere_Ejakhegbe,

Thanks for your question.

I have not actually tried whether this works in practice, but maybe you can add the different options from an option set into two different option groups - so A and C in one option group and B and D in another. Then, you could create a program rule with the program rule action “Hide option group” which triggers for example based on the user’s user role - d2:hasUserRole. Then the user should only see the options that are not in the hidden option group.

Let me know if you get the chance to test out whether that works!

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I will give this a try and will give a feedback. Thanks @Karoline


Hi Abu- have you determined whether this works? I would like to do this as well.


We can test it out on play.dhis2.org @kstankevitz! Thank you for your question! I’ll give it a try on play too. :blush: Feel free to post if you get to it before I do. :+1:

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I actually got this working- apologies for not posting an update sooner. It worked just as Karoline described, with the below action/expression in the program rules.

expression: d2:hasUserRole(‘xxxxxxxxxx’)
action: hide option groups


Thanks Kayla! (:

copmonthly :grin::+1:

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