Option set counts in program indicator for Events

Hi everyone
I’m creating a small Event based form.
So I created an option set, with options and codes as No - 0, Yes - 1, N/A - 2. And assigned it some data elements.
Now, I’m trying to create program indicators (with the option display in forms checked) so that while the user is filling the form, the indicators will be updated.
There are 3 indicators I need. Total of No, Total of Yes, Total of N/A
How can I create a program indicator that will show these values within the form for each event?
The first 2 unsuccessful were:
1- The expression was something like d2:condition(’#event.data_element1’ == 0’,1,0) + d2:condition(’#event.data_element2’ == 0’,1,0), with no filter

2- The expression was something like V{value_count} and the filter was #{event.dataelement1} == 0 or #{event.dataelement2} == 0

But these attempts did not work

Can anyone help creating these indicators?
Best regards