one to many relation ability- tracker module

Dear Ousama,

You can record as many patient visits as you can - there is no limit.

What you can do is create a program and program stage. The data elements you created needs to be assigned to program stage.

You can have one or more program stages depending on the number and type of disease you wanted to record.

If you make a program stage repeatable, you will be able to record as many visits as you have.

Please refer to our documentation for more details


On Tue, Mar 8, 2016 at 5:31 PM, Ousama Hariri wrote:

Dear admins,

I am trying to setup a tracker system that can capture a basic patient


Therefore, I have created “data elements” for disease and medicine.

But, I can record only 1 disease and 1 medicine… while it is much

possible that the patient has a main disease and secondary diseases as

well as main medicine and many supplementary medicines.

Can you help me in such a case?

Thanks in advance


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