One record in event report

Please note that i am using case base for TB with multiple stages and some of the stages are repeatable.

But I have noticed that if we have multiple stages it will show in difference records in event report as attached

Is there a way to see one record for one TB case listing all stages and even repeated stages?

B. Regards
Houssam Chammaa
WHO - Lebanon

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Hi @CHAMMAA_Houssam_Mahm

In the just released 2.33 you are able to view line listed patients across multiple stages. You can get more information here: DHIS version 2.33 is released

This is only available in 2.33 and we can not unfortunately push it back into previous releases.


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Thanks Scott
I will install 2.33 and try it

Houssam Chammaa
WHO -Lebanon

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