Oh no, my server url changed

My server URL changed and some of my tablets have unsync’ed data. Not surprisingly, these tablets are not syncing now. If I log out and log back in (with the new server url) will I lose the unsync’ed data on the tablets?

We are on version 2.0 Beta of the mobile app

Hi @adam

Unfortunately yes, the App uses the URL to identify which server is connecting to (so far we have not found any way to identify the server in another manner) therefore, whenever you login with a new URL whatever is in the device will be wiped-out.

May I ask you why the URL has changed? Do you still have access to the DNS? And the server? If yes you could implement a temporarily DNS forwarding for those users to sync.


Hi @adam.

Did you manage to solve the issue? Could you share your experience so someone having the same issue could apply the same solution?



We actually reverted back to the old server name, but it was definitely good to know that logging out and then back into a different server name will clear out the local data. If DNS does change in the future (which it won’t) we’ll just have to remember to sync the data beforehand. Lesson learned.

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