Number of Database Server CPUs

How to set the number of CPUs on Database Server in DHIS2. my CPUs’ 128GB


Hi @taufiqhs ,

Are you asking because the selection is limited to a list of values with 32 being the highest?

I’m am a bit unsure, because you have written “128GB” but assuming you have more than 32 cores, I think you can simply set it to 32.

As to how performance scales with higher numbers, and whether we should support that, that is a question for the @dhis2-backend team.

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Hi @phil

Yes, because limitation the max of value 32GB is that highest.

I don’t know how to set 128GB.


Hey @taufiqhs were you able to resolve this? Is there an issue leaving it to ‘automatic’? Thanks!

Hi @Gassim,

Set to automatic, and I don’t know it’s work. we hope

Thanks for following up


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Hey I agree that automatic doesn’t explain how it will function but as I’m trying to understand this further, it seems the reason is because it will always be different since it depends on runtime. Therefore, I think to truly know the best setting is to maybe monitor these different settings. I hope these two references will be helpful (wow-backend/ at master · dhis2/wow-backend · GitHub) and (Monitoring - DHIS2 Documentation)

Good luck @taufiqhs! :+1:

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