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Dear Tran,

I am using Dhis2 Version:2.12,Build revision:11298,Build date:2013-09-09 10:28.

as per your suggestion, i test Single Event Without Registration Program.

Step-1. I create a new program Single Event Without Registration and add few data element in program stage. and assign it in one organization unit.

step-2. service-individual record- single without registration - Dataentry:

ERROR: after selecting report date the data entry form is not coming.

Step-3. PostgreSQL Database table “programstage” column “capturerecoord” datavalue is NULL.

Solution: If i update the “capturerecoord” datavalue"TRUE" or “FALSE”

the data entry form is coming.

However, Similar problem arise if i update any existing single event without registration program in “ProgramStage”

As per your suggestion here i attached the screen short and log files additionally, i add here our database link. You can download our database.


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Sigle_event_without_create_data_entry_form_error_log.txt (13.3 KB)

Single Event Without Registration Error.docx (293 KB)

Single_event_programstage_update error.txt (10.4 KB)