No organization unit level found

Hie everyone,

Suddenly I faced the following errors and issues in DHIS2

What caused the error ‘No organization unit level found’, categories are no longer shown, and user groups disappears again. The DHIS2 was functioning correctly before



Hi @Shapr0019,

Thank you for your post! This could be a cache issue which means you are advised to use the Browser Cache Cleaner app (check in a new/clean browser/profile to be 100% sure whether it’s a cache issue or not).

Found a response by @Knut_Staring for the response you posted so let’s please check if it will solve the issue:

If you’re not able to solve the issue, please feel free to post back to the community. Preferably better if you add more info about what version of DHIS2 are you using and whether you see any errors in the Network log + Catalina.out logs.

Thank you!