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Dear Friends,

Greetings, I am reaching out to know if anyone has noticed this behavior; I recently uploaded dummy data using bulk load. The data worked well for sometime, then it simply appears to have “disappeared”. All dashboards are empty, I have manually tried to run analytics but still nothing. I tried to upload new data - the data is “imported” but does not render in neither the visualizer or the pivot table. Has anyone else noticed or seen this issue? There are no errors on the server, as I have checked the logs…
Many thanks in advance for your help.

What version are you working on? Do you have backend access to the server? can you check if the analytics tables are there? Are you able to confirm the data from data entry app?

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Hey @Jerome.S,
Thank you for your post! As @medallion said, it’s important to know the environment details and as much info as possible to understand the issue. Additionally, what is the version of your DHIS2 instance? Do you see any issues in the Network tab?

And what is the version of the app Bulk Load that you are using? Bulk Load version 3.5.1 is compatible with 2.28–2.34.
Alexis Rico @sferadev one of the developers of this the Bulk Load app has helped other users in the CoP so he might be able to help you as well! Thanks in advance! (:

Hi @Gassim, I don’t believe it’s an issue with Bulk Load.

@Jerome.S Have you recently created any indicator that might have broken the analytics? Can you review the Catalina logs of the server while running full analytics?

If you see the data in data entry but not in dashboards it’s something related to the analytics.

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Dear Gassim,

Many thanks for your response earlier. I went back to troubleshoot, and the problem was actually minor. I had selected some analytic restrictions - in my user profile, see here;

When these dimensions were not present in my data selections for both the data visualizer and the pivot table, in returned no data. Hope this helps another implementer the troubleshooting in future🙈.

Best Wishes

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Thank you for the update and the helpful info! :slight_smile: :+1: