No data at /api/metadataAudits even though it is in DB

Does anyone know of a reason why metadata audits would not be populating via the API despite them being persisted in the DB? dhis.conf has the requisite settings:

metadata.audit.log = on
metadata.audit.persist = on

@Gintare, I see. I was confused because this Ticket from Morten is marked as “Done” ( but as I inspect more deeply it is probably marked so in error since the testing never happened… and of course there are no data represented at the endpoint :slight_smile:


I’ll investigate how it was on the previous versions, I see that the /metadataAudits endpoint was documented. However, the whole audit solution was reworked in 2.34, and the endpoint to access the information was not developed, as far as I know. Which version are you using?

In this case I am using 2.31, but we will be bumping up to 2.33+ in the near future.
It would be helpful to have some guidance (Jira would be fine) for which versions will have the endpoint developed fully vs the versions that will not.