New User created giving error after user logged in he is sees interface displayed in a machine language

Hello friends from all over the world. Please i am encountering some difficulties right now and it seems i cant figure it out. I have created a user and i have assigned the user a role. after, i have logged in as user to do data entry, i realised that the system language has change to a machine language or a language that is not english please can anyone assist. Thanks friends,

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Dear Victor,

Can you clear the cache and check again?


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I have cleared cache but I still experience that problem.

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Hi @vakakpo,

Sorry for the late response - did you get a fix for this?


Hello James,
I want to move dhis2 dataset, orgunit, dataelement and all the work I’ve created from one server to another. I want to export the work from say server 207.45 to server 70.82. Please can you guide me.


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HI @vakakpo,

You hacked this? Kindly let us know.