New requirement from Sri Lanka

Dear Sundeep and John,

I talked to Dr. Roshan about the current ability of DHIS. And say that now DHIS just can support for the 1st requirement. The second one as explained by John is about Inventory management system which DHIS has not any module to do it now.

Dr. Roshan said that we won’t search or use any other open source application but DHIS, and he wants that the doctors in this course (who were trained about database, web application develop, java basic programming,…) will have to customize with help from HISP to create new module about inventory management system. if this batch can’t finish then next batch will continue do it to run it for Sri Lanka health management system. Do you think it is possible to have this new module in DHIS? The lady who is doing this project and Dr. Roshan will write detail requirements and send to us.

According to firm discussion from Dr. Roshan I think there should be this module in DHIS.

I wish DHIS experts will give ideas and consultings so I mark this mail to DHIS mail list too.

Looking forward to your replying



On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 2:03 PM, Sundeep Sahay wrote:

good work thuy

maybe best, we organize a 2 day workshop in colombo, where we can get things going more solidly…

discuss with roshan, he had suggested that earlier

— On Mon, 11/1/10, Thuy Nguyen wrote:

From: Thuy Nguyen

Subject: New requirement from Sri Lanka
To: “John lewis”
Cc: “Sundeep Sahay”

Date: Monday, November 1, 2010, 8:28 AM

Dear John,

Today I have a discussion with 3 persons from senior batch. They selected DHIS to do their project.
I have gone through one project. Another two will discuss more from tomorrow.

So I describes some about first project.

This project is collect information about the items distributed between organisation units such as condom, drugs, contraception pill, equipments,… There are 2 main things we need to solve are

  1. The lower oganisation units will send request forms to upper org unit to request number of each item they need. This is monthly request. And the upper org units will see the request form and issue number of items requested. Number of items are requested and issued are depend on remain items from lastmonth and depend on needed. Both request and issue form is same and only one go through from lowest org unit to highest org unit. You can see the attached file to see how is that form. The form named RHS1158

  2. The second requirement is also a requirement which I don’t know whether DHIS can do. So I postpone the answer for them to tomorrow or the day after. I need to consult from you or Ola.

The current existing system only has above 1. report. Mean the highest Org unit will get the items from supplier. They have information of items like item name, batch, code, expired day. qualtity. Then this highest org unit will distribute these items to lower org units. And save only qualtity of items for each org unit. These lower org units also distribute to lower org unit the items they received from upper org unit. And record the number of items for each lower org unit they distributed. They have never recorded which items distributed to which org unit. But because of this, so whenever there is problem of drug, or bad quality of condom, then they have to send hundreds of letter to all org units from high level to lowest level to request for collecting back the bad items. So they said this is a wasted. They want to track the information of these items, which org units got specified items. So that they can pick up those org units and send request to getting back these items. because existing system didn’t have this, so I don’t have form of this process.

However, the lady who do this project, she developed something on her own application. And she also draw a diagram for it. But Dr. Roshan requested her to use DHIS to do her project. I attached all for you. Please take a look if you don’t understand my explain above.

I hope you can understand. If you don’t then I will explain for clearly with detail of org units hierachy and report form. The most important thing is I need to know if the DHIS can work for the second requirement. If DHIS can’t do now, I hope it will do in next year. Because she will do the first one and the second one I may have to do it next year.