New Level 2 DHIS2 Academy on Logistics Data Integration

Announcing our new Level 2 DHIS2 Academy on Logistics Data Integration!

This is your chance to learn about applying DHIS2 to to better manage health commodity availability, including improved stock management at community and facility level, the use of service data and logistics data to improve availability and reduce bottlenecks, and options for using DHIS2 to collect logistics data as well interoperability with other systems.

Facilitators for this course include logistics and analytics experts from the University of Oslo team and the HISP network.

Register now to join us in Malawi in May 2020!


Dear Max

Thank you indeed for your answer. Please find bellow
clarifications to your questions:

As a chef data manager for the Health
information system of Mauritania, I am in charge of the DHIS2 database of the
Ministry of Health which encompasses all databases of the entire health system
in the country.

I have led a team of data managers who worked on
the configuration of our Aggregate database. It was tedious but a fulfilling

Many of our programs; however, need to follow up
closely their patients and collect
individual data for many different reasons such as HIV, malaria, Immunization, and
TB programs to mention just few examples.

I need to extensively study the Tracker module in
order for our department to start preparing for the configuration of Tracker
programs to meet the needs of the above mentioned health programs.

Yes. I will be in charge of the configuration of
individual-level databases for different programs within the ministry of
health. I will be directly involved with the configuration as well as managing
the team that will be working on our Tracker program.

I will use the knowledge I will acquire from this
Academy to:

i. Lead the configuration
work my department will be conducting on individual-level databases to meet the
needs for various health programs within our ministry of health.

ii. Train and coach other
colleagues on the Tracker module.

iii. Manage the Tracker
databases of the Ministry of Health.

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