New functionality - zero significance

Hi Lars.

I just finished DataElement Zero Value Storage Management function in data admin module. Now i need your idea about entry data in data entry form. When zeroIsSignificant property is false, if use enter 0 value, what the event do you want ? alert ? message ? or nothing.


Tran Thanh Tri
HISP Viet Nam
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2010/1/20 Lars Helge Øverland

Hi Tri

I have a task for you which is based on a requirement in South Africa but which is useful for all. In SA they use to store 0 (zero) values for all data elements. This is really not necessary for most data elements, only a few. So I was thinking we should introduce one new boolean property on DataElement called “zeroIsSignificant” (meaning there is no point of saving 0’s for this data element).

The blueprint is here:

What we need is:

  • a new property “boolean zeroIsSignificant” (default to false, we do NOT want to store 0’s if not set to true) + get/set and hibernate mapping.

  • a GUI for managing this. It should be put in module dhis-web-maintenance-dataadmin. Create a new package org.hisp.dhis.dataadmin.zerovaluestorage. You don’t need a service layer function for this.

The GUI should look like this:

“DataElement Zero Value Storage Management” [header]

“Ignore zero data values” [header] “Store zero data values” [header]

[text filter for all available data elements] [text filter for all selected data elements]

[list of all available data elements] [4 move buttons] [list of all selected data elements]

The GUI is just like all the other available/selected interfaces with two lists, two filters, and buttons to move elements back and forth. “Available data elements” means data elements where the zeroIsSignificant attribute is false, where “Selected data elements” means where the zeroIsSignificant is true.

Do you think you can do this, and have time to do it? Any questions?

best regards, Lars