New DHIS2 Documentation Site

Dear Community,

We would like to announce that DHIS2 now has a new Documentation site!

You can reach it directly by navigating to

The documentation is the same, but we think this new format makes it much more accessible. In particular

  • Search bar at the top, as well as improved navigation, should make it easier to find what you want.
  • Edit links have been set up to the source files to make it even easier to update. (And personally, I find it much easier to spot stuff that needs fixing!)

There are still some things we want to fix or improve, but we think that it is already useful to the community, so we are sharing this now.

Check it out and let us know what you think!


  • Some known issues are:
    • Most inter- and intra-document links will still go to the old format, or not work at all
    • There are only a small amount of French translations (most of the “French” content is still English).
  • The old document formats are still available in the same locations as before; so if you have saved links they will still work :wink:
  • Navigating to the root (, where the index previously was, will take you to the documentation for the latest version (currently 2.33). You can easily switch versions at the top of the left navigation.
  • The Search is applied across all documents for the current version.




This is so great! Saves the hustle of navigating through different versions to search for content.

Thanks team!


This is awesome! Weldone team.


Awesome :heart_eyes:

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This is really great!
It is putting all the things in one place and simply accessible.

Thanks for the great work team!


Thanks team. Its making life easier and better already.


Hi James.
Please how do I reach you through a mail or WhatsApp.

I needs your assistance.


Nwekeagu Shadrach

WhatsApp +2348061122331


Abuja Nigeria

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This nice really for the documentation


Well-done team.

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Excellent.A ‘one-stop shop’ for DHIS 2 documentation.

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