New custom Schedular Job does not show in schedular APP, but it shows in API api/38/jobConfigurations/jobTypes?fields=*&paging=false

Dear Team
I am using version 2.38
I have created new Job in schedular as per our requirement but in not shows in schedular app, but it shows in api/38/jobConfigurations/jobTypes?fields=*&paging=false

thanks for you support

Dear Team,

i am using 2.38 version

As per our requriment i have created a new custom job for schedular purpose and it shows in API


but inside schedular app while adding new job it does not show so that I can’t create the job in schedular

please support for that

Thanks and Regards

Mithilesh Kumar Thakur

Thank you for your post @Mithilesh_Kumar_Thak! I’ve not used the scheduler much so I will need to check in for a response but I’d like to ask you to please clear the server cache from the Data Administration app → Maintenance → Clear application cache & Reload apps

Then check again in Guest mode rather than Incognito mode. :+1: If it still doesn’t show. Did you select to display system jobs to see if it appears? Please check the Network tab in your browser’s dev tools (F12), do you see any error there?

What version of dhis2 are you using? Could you please write the steps to reproduce this job? If we try to create it in any of the instances, is it also going to not appear in the list?