Need to have each beneficiary report

I sent this to blue print, but seem nobody notes about it, so I send it again here.

*Currently, to see information of 1 beneficiary, there is a button which named “Show detail”, and some information of that beneficiary is shown like a message screen.
But because there is case that both beneficiaries and health staffs have these forms in paper. Although they don’t need to print out every time beneficiary come to get service, but still we need to see information show for each beneficiary like it shown in the paper form they having and fill every time give and receive service.

So I think there should be a function where we can design a report for beneficiary like we design ireport for aggregation report. But this report is not aggregated for district, or facility, but for that beneficiary. In the custom report, we can have Name, date of birth, facility name (all attribute) and program information as well as program stages can be designed in the form which look like in paper.

And generating beneficiary report button will be placed in operation area of each beneficiary.*

I think I need more ideas from nbits experts.