Need help with creation of Tracker Capture

Hi, everyone.

Iam new to DHIS2 and any help, suggestions are welcome.

I have the form below where the activist registers participants in different sessions; each session has a date. Each participant is expected to participate in all 9 sessions. Each form that the activist fills in corresponds to a group.

The M & E officer wants as a report:

  • the number of sessions each participant participated in.
  • The number of participants in each session.

My problem is how I can structure the tracker capture (registration and program stages), taking into account that the activist must also be registered.


Thanks in advance.


Hi @fernando,

Glad you want to setup this tracker program.

I would advise that you seek a consultant’s support in this since it is a process setting up the program correctly to allow you collect the data elements/ indicators you would like to see in your program. This will be of help to you when you will need to setup other programs for projects you will be implementing in the near future.

Let’s see what other members have in store for you as I wait to know if this helps.


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Hi, @jomutsani,

Your suggestion is very good, but if other members can help with this while trying to seek support from a consultant, that would be most helpful.

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Let me assist you…Lets have a skype call.I have done these several times.

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Hi, Stanley.

How can join you on Sype? Our skype call will be really helpful.

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reach me at ‘stanley.kalyati1’

I am currently on another call,please call me in 40mins time

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Hi, Stanely.

Is 5 pm too late for the call? Because now Iam attending a meeting.

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Hi, Stanely.

Iam now ready for a call. I have sent you an invitation on skype or You can add me on skype ‘fmaposse.pi’. My internet is too slow in the evening. Please, we can have a call at anytime tomorrow.

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Hi fernando,Lets discuss today.I am free for the next 2hours.Am sure what time it is in your country.Let me know otherwise i have responded to your invite on skype

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Hi, @skalyati

Sorry for not having answered your last post yesterday. I think there is no time difference between your country and mine. Iam form Mozambique. Iam ready for a call anytime today.

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Lets have the call now then

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