Need help: Tacker from a paper form

Hi all,

Adolescent girls participate in school sessions where they learn about reproductive health. A facilitator fills the following form in each session.

  1. How can I configure this form as tracker program?

  2. Sanitary pads can only be distributed in either 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 or 14 session. That means if an adolescent girl receives sanitary pad at 7th session, she cannot receive any more sanitary pads from 8th to 14 session. In other words, if she receives sanitary pads in one of the sessions mentioned here, we need to block entry of sanitary pads in other sessions. How can I configure the field/data element (# sanitary pads)?

As output, we will need to build the following program indicators:

  • Adolescent girls who participated in all 14 sessions
  • Adolescent girls who participated in only 3 sessions
  • Adolescent girls who participated in more than 6 sessions,…
  • total of sanitary pads distributed in all sessions.

Please guide on how I should structure my app so that it is easier for me to build the above Program indicators.

All input is welcome.


Hi @fernandoshake!
I will try to get to your posts one by one. I had replied to this post yesterday but unfortunetly I had connection issues yesterday and it somehow wasn’t saved as a draft either.

My conclusion was that you are only going to need two data elements in the program stage:

  • DE which has the session number (automatically increments from session to session using a program rule)
  • DE which has whether the girl has received the sanitary pad or not (using a program rule to only make it appear when the DE session number is 7 or above as well as lock it once it’s changed to ‘yes’)

For the form, I think you will use Name and age in enrollment (facilitator will be the DHIS2 user entering the values) and the #sessions as well as the sanitary pad DE in the program.

I think it could be possible to create 14 sections, one for each session, and then once the first session in the first section is entered the second section appears and so on. But this depends on the data entry method so it might be even better that the session is a repeatable program stage.

I think it’ll be easy to get all the program indicators you listed and maybe even more if the program is configured probably. Now, I’m no expert, but I hope we agree on the basic ideas.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Gassim,

For me the following approach would be the most interesting one but I am not good at program rules. If you could help me with a step by step explanation through screenshots, I can stick to this one

Here the facilitator enters data on the paper forms, but in the DHIS 2 its the data clerk whio enters data. in this case would we map facilitator as part of attributes? it will be important to view data by facilitator in the events reports.

Data entry is sequential ( from 1st to 14th session)

Of course, this is what I am looking for: configure the program properly so that I am able to get all the indicators I want

Thanks again.

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