Mysterious differences between identical server setups and upgrade

Hello everyone,

I need help with a server setup. The server uses dhis2-tools with two instances called dhis and training, running on Ubuntu 14.04, Tomcat 7, Java 8. The dhis instance is a 2.19-SNAPSHOT from March 6.


We took a dump of the dhis db and restored it on a Windows laptop. Then ran update scripts for 2.20 and started without a hitch, and repeated the procedure to upgrade to 2.21.

We then restored the upgraded 2.21 db onto the server and linked it to the training instance with a 2.21 war file.

But then we got an error listening start error, so we were not able to proceed and had to revert to 2.19 (as described below).


I stopped the training instance, dropped the training database and deleted the training/webapps/training folder

I then cloned the prod db like this:

Finally, I copied the dhis/webapps/dhis folder to training/webapps and renamed it to training

To my understanding, I should now have two exact copies of the same instance, just with different names. HOWEVER, analytics works fine on dhis, but fails on training.

Any clues would be gratefully accepted, as tomorrow will be my last short window of a couple of hours to try and fix this in the next couple of months.




Knut Staring

Dept. of Informatics, University of Oslo

Norway: +4791880522

Skype: knutstar