Multitenancy support in DHIS2

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if DHIS2 provides support for multitenancy?
The only information I could find on the topic is the post on the boards here dating to 2016 (Multi-tenancy in DHIS2). Was multitenancy implemented since?

In case its still not supported, are there any known workarounds or pointers we could use to allow multiple tenants on the same DHIS2 instance?


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Dear @JustSadi ,

This feature has not been implemented.

The usual solution here would be to simply create a new instance of DHIS2. DHIS2 tools can be used to easily manage multiple versions of DHIS2 (GitHub - bobjolliffe/dhis2-tools-ng: Next generation dhis2-tools)

DHIS2 Docker (DHIS2 with Docker | DHIS2 Developer Portal) might also be suitable for you.

But to your original question…not this has not been implemented and I am not certain that it will be in the near term.

Good luck,


All right, thanks for the response Jason

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