Multiple visit to same child

Hi everyone,

I want to track children’s age (in months) in each visit (six visits). As the age value will change over time, I am thinking of configuring age as a data element and assign to each stage (each visit). I was wondering if you could kindly help advice on this.

Configuring age as an attribute will not enable me to track it.


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Hi @dmbantu,

Thank you for posting your question!

Do you want to automatically populate the data element in each stage? If so, you could look at populating the data element based on the age attribute (age at enrollment) + days between the events?

Tagging @dhis2-tracker, maybe they have some additional suggestions on how this could be potentially be configured.

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Hi @dmbantu!

I can recommend you to create a program indicator based on the date of birth attribute (if you are using it).

It could be for example an Enrollment indicator with a d2:monthsBetween(A{DOB},V{current_date})

That you can select to “Display in form”.

When you activate indicator widget in (tracker) capture, you will see the relevant age in months on each stage.

Alternatively, you can use V{event_date} in order to “freeze” the age value for each event.

You could also reach sImilar results with program rules and assigned values, but creating a PI might be better for your case.

Hope, this helps.

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Hi @YuryR and @Karoline,

Thank you for your help. From a program rule I was to calculate age in months (a data element) from date of birth (attribute), using d2:monthsBetween(A{DOB},V{current_date}). I then assigned the calculated value to the data element called as shows the picture below.


Two more questions:
1.If I were to use V{even_date} to freeze the age for each event, How would I achieve that?
2. Will I be able to view the different ages from all visits in the reports.

Many thanks