Multiple Tracked Entities in One Program

Is it possible to use multiple tracked entities in a Tracker Program?

A use case for example is a commodity logistics/inventory tracking program with multiple tracked entities e.g. equipment, consumables, etc.


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Hello Ifeanyi,
I think it’s not possible. I think you can use the same structure of Tracker Program for each entity tracked with the same Data elements.


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Thank you @riddy_ndoma.

If I understand you correctly, we would have to create multiple programs with the different tracked entities?

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Yes. You’ll need to create different programs for each TE that you intend to track. You can reuse same elements across different programs.

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Hi @ifeanyiokoye ,

A program is locked to a single Tracked Entity Type. This means you need separate programs for each type. You can however use Relationships to create a link between your Tracked Entity Instances to connect them directly. You can do this by creating a RelationshipType in the maintenance app, and connecting them in the Tracker Capture / Capture app.


Thank you @Stian.

Will chew on this.

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