Module Development Request

(syed muhammad jawad) #1

Hello DHIS Team

is it possible for you people to develop a module as per our requirement (with no cost) ?


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(Zubair) #2

Hi Jawad,
You can create JIRA issues and then we can have an internal discussion to evaluate if it really adds value to the system functionality.


(syed muhammad jawad) #3

Dear Zubair

Many thanks for your reply, i am not familiar with JIRA. Please guide me why this is necessary and how to create it.


(James Omutsani) #4

Hi @jawad,

Could you give a description of the module you are requesting for? I can assist in creating the jira ticket for you as you plan on getting yourself familiar with it.

For JIRA Account signup, you can click here DHIS2 JIRA.


(syed muhammad jawad) #5

Dear Zubair

Many thanks again for your quick reply, let me explain you fully so that you get the basic idea. I am working as IMO (Information Management Officer) in MHPSS (Mental Health Psycho Social Services) here in KPK/Peshawar/Pakistan funded by UNICEF. Basic concept of the activity is to facilitate those persons who are Psychological disturb through our 10 developed Psycho Social centers through renowned Psychologists . So once a patient/client comes to our center he/she is allocated a unique MRCode and then their follow up sessions are recorded. If a Patient/Client does not comfortable with certain center or with the technique of the Psychologist he/she may be referred to the other center. So basically if i will go for DHIS2 system i will need case based solution.

Hope i have explained it well, so please guide me from basic i.e what solution will be appropriate for our organization, and how to install client server module. How to handle case base data and how to manage patient/client follow ups as well as referred to other facility case. Right now i have successfully installed DHIS2 Live on my machine.

Looking forward for your timely help.


(Zubair) #6

Hi @jawad
The description you have provided is already fully supported by DHIS2. So you don’t need any customization for that. Here is the docs which explains DHIS2 Tracker app which is being used for case based data collection.


(syed muhammad jawad) #7

Dear Zubair

Thanks, please tell can we use case base senerios in DHIS2 Live ?? if yes what is the exact way to find it.