Module 1: What is DHIS2 and how is it used?

DHIS2 is an open source platform also known as data warehousing tool widely use in Health Sector with aims to collect data, store, analyze, visualize, and reporting.

I am very new to DHIS2 system but after having my course in Introduction of DHIS2 now I can understand what DHIS2 is and how to use the platform and produce useful information trough data visualization and DHIS2 dashboard

I have no production account to DHIS2 platform yet but I was so impressed about DHIS built-in translation and localization support which will be very useful to translate the forms to local language and help health workers well understand on the data that need to collect to the system

Moreover, I just find-out that DHIS2 can use not only in health sector but also in other sector which is very powerful tool to introduce to low-income-country with limited experience to access to digital tools. Above, I found the platform is very user friendly and easy navigate trough each menu

I am looking forward to learn DHIS2 more in detail and hope to have a hands-on experience on the system

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Welcome to the DHIS2 CoP @Angie4460 :wave:

Wish you a fruitful online learning experience :desktop_computer: :computer: :tablet: :mobile_phone:!

Welcome to the DHIS2 CoP @franmrojasm :wave:

Wish you a fruitful online learning experience :desktop_computer: :computer: :tablet: :mobile_phone:!

DHIS2 is a free and open-source software-based highly configurable data collection, aggregation, management, and analysis tool that uses a data source hierarchy to capture and report on health data from its source, up to and including well-structured, decision-supporting information. It enables the focus of resources where they are needed the most. The system can be tailored to the needs of a country. DHIS2 uses a centralized server, gives easy access to different information sources, and supports data sharing.
In my country Malawi, DHIS2 is being used in the health and Agriculture sectors.

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Dhis2 is an open-source platform used to capture, analyze, present, and virtualize data sets. Almost sectors and ministries globally use this software. The ministry of health at the global level has been using District health information systems for almost 2 decades, of recent other sectors have also leveraged the use of DHIS2. Gambia, Uganda, and the Aswantin are now using DHIS2 to capture education data. I hope this software will assist Uganda’s EMIS system to track learner attendance, absenteeism and quality learning outcome curve.

DHIS2 is a data warehouse with wide range of analysis ,interpretation ,nmaking it customizable