Mobile DHIS2 log in Issues

Am unable to log in my DHIS2 mobile even though my username and and password is correct.
Showing me error.

Which error are you getting? Could yo please putting the same URL in the web browser on the mobile device to discard any connectivity issue? Then make sure you are using properly HTTP or HTTPS in the URL.

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Below is the error message i get even though am sure of my URL, User name and Password.

Hi @vogbole,

I tried visiting the site you pasted ( and when I connected to the URL ( using username and password found in the website, the app connected.

Please make sure you are tying the URL correct exactly like this:

Maybe you are adding something after /dhis2?


Thanks @Gassim .

In addition to this I always recommend to try the URL in the browser (as I mentioned) to discard any problems at network level. For example, there could be a firewall preventing the mobile device reaching the server.

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