Mission: DHIS2 Training specialist in Kyrgystan

Hello DHIS2 community,

We are reaching out to the community to reinforce Bluesquare’s DHIS2 team for an opportunity we are pitching on in Kyrgystan (it is a project is funded by giz).

Specific tasks we would be looking for additional support on include:

  • propose a methodology and the set of tasks to address the issue of training a pool of DHIS2 experts in Russian language through the use of a short-term expert.

  • develop strategic partnerships between academic institutes and the Health Information System Program (HISP) from Oslo University are encouraged (i.e. Kyrgyz technical academy, Kyrgyz medical academy, etc.) to promote sustainable training capacities.

Ideally someone with 10 years experience in DHIS2 and in Development Cooperation. The total days support requested are: 20 days in country - with 4 travel days. We are looking for an interested candidate would who be available to support us on this bid.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or if we can provide any additional clarifications.

Kind regards,

The Bluesquare Team


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