Missing periods in data visualizer (2.37)

Hi all,
Has anyone had the issue where certain period options are missing in data visualizer? We are on 2.37.6 and there’s no option for “months” in either fixed or relative, and a bunch of other options are missing in relative as well. It seems to be ok on the demo site so wondering if I’ve missed some sort of setting.

Hi Please try in a different/new/clean browser and see if it works. I’m not able to reproduce the issue though, any suggestions?

Thank you!

Yes, I can view the Monthly option on the play server:

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Thanks all! Received help from someone at BAO that in the settings app, in analytics, there’s an option to hide certain periods. Not sure how that got selected for us but good to know that option exists if you run into issues!


That’s right, thanks for sharing! (: