Missing index on datavalue table cause extreme slowness


I’ve got an instance with around 50 mill datavalue records where I wanted to remove around 24,000 Organisation Units (none of them have any datavalue table records).

The delete process initially ran for around 5 hours, I killed it and used EXPLAIN ANALYZE DELETE to check what was going on - and found that deleting ONE organisation unit would take just over 5,030 milliseconds, with 5,018 of them due to checking for organisationunitid values in the data value table.

I then added the following index to the datavalue table:

CREATE INDEX in_datavalue_organisationunitid

ON public.datavalue

USING btree


That took around 1 min 20 seconds to run.

With that index in place, deleting ~24,000 organisationunits took 1 min 41 seconds.

Question: WHY is there no indexes on the datavalue table for the key fields (dataelementid, periodid, organisationunitid, categoryoptioncomboid)??

It definitely looks like it will speed up a few things radically?




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