Metadata export (tracker)

Hi Olav,

just FYI we are introducing a new API feature in 2.23 (in trunk now) where you can easily export a program with its metadata. This can be done at:


Of course - exactly what to include in the export will be debated but we have tried to include a reasonable set of metadata objects, like data elements, attributes, categor*ies.




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From: Olav Poppe
Date: Mon Apr 11 2016 19:24:58 GMT+0530 (IST)
Subject: [Dhis2-devs] Metadata export (tracker)
To: DHIS Users , DHIS Developers

Hi all,

I’m looking at ways to export specific metadata with “dependencies” from DHIS, initially a tracker program. The goal is to export the program with all dependencies (program stage(s), data elements, option sets, data entry form, program validation etc) as easily as possible. Before I try to script something myself I thought I’d check if anyone else has already done something similar and have tools or experiences to share, OR if there are some clever ways to do this already through GUI/API that I haven’t been able to identify?



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