Mass approvals across data sets: possible?

Hello - a question for those who know data validation and approvals process:

Can a Data approval manager get access to multiple data sets at one time (i.e. one view), to make approvals/changes/comments? The hope here, is to save time, instead of the Data manager having to view each individual data set, one at a time.

For example, could the Data Manager view one country: where 12 Regions have submitted the same aggregate form?

Can periods be combined as well (Example: 1 Country for 12 month period, combining 12 Regions with 12 Monthly submissions each?

Thank you,



Hi Sara – Yes to both.

If you want to approve data at the country level, even when it is entered at the region level, just define the approval level to be country.

If you want to approve once a year, even when the data is submitted monthly, define the data approval workflow to have a period type of Yearly, even though the data set may have a period type of Monthly.

In addition, if you want to approve different types of data at once, you can assign multiple data sets to the same data approval workflow. Any approval of the workflow will approve all of the data sets assigned to it. If you want to approve each data set individually, assign each data set to its own data approval workflow.