Marking datasets as complete via the database

What tables do you need to update so that a dataset is marked as complete in the data entry application.

I have added entries in completedatasetregistion which then correctly shows the datasets as complete in the analytics, but the dataset still shows as incomplete in the data entry app.

I assume I am missing some other table but I am stumped as to which one.

This is an interesting question. Are you using pgadmin?

It would be interesting if it is possible to view ‘latest change’ in a database and what one could do is run a test by select a dataset as complete to view all the tables that were updated at the same time, but I’m not sure if that it’s possible?

I am sure it is possible to do what you are suggesting, but my knowledge of postgres does not extend that far.

I am using PG admin yeah. I cannot see anything obvious in the pgadmin dashboard.

I know in MS SQL you can view all the sessions and what queries they are running. Usually I would interrogate that if I was trying to work this out.


Looks like PG admin has something similar. I will see if I can work it out from here and will report back.

I guess as a final, follow up question, is it possible to automate the completion of datasets within DHIS2? If I can avoid custom procedures or api calls that would be ideal.

Hi @HaydnJ

This might actually be a feature request for the new Data Entry (Beta) app. Would you like to create a feature request

Thank you!

Hi @Gassim

New feature request is up.

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Thanks! I added a link to this topic as well as the CoP to the labels. I also added Aggregate Data Entry app (which is the newest app). :+1:

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