Maps Application not loading

Hi All

I have configured DHIS2 on my local server and each time I click on the Maps application, it just loads a blank white page. The application does not load. I tried checking the log file but it does not write an error or anything.

I am running DHIS2 version 2.36.4

I added the PostGIS extension in the DHIS2 database. I have attached screenshots of the blank page that I am getting, as well my DHIS2 database with extension.

Can anyone point out what I am missing. Thank you in advance.

Hi, could you please open the browser console and report if there are any error messages showing?

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Thanks so much for your response. Yes, there is an error that shows. It says
Uncaught Syntax Error: illegal character U+20AC in the file and line number [app.js:2:1375305]

See screenshot below:

Hi @simbachiri,
The console error is generic and doesn’t provide enough details, would you click on the Network tab and select the red text and then take a screenshot? If we get a generic error there as well then we might need to get the Catalina.out log (without sensitive info) please. Thank you for your understanding!

This might be related to this issue: Maintenanace page bad characters

How are you running DHIS2?


Thanks @Gassim

I have uploaded the network tab and seems we are still getting the generic error. I have also uploaded the Catalina Log file for your reference.

Thanks again

catalina.2022-04-27.doc (1.2 KB)

Hi @Bjorn_Sandvik

Many thanks for pointing me in this direction. That was indeed the issue. I had to change file encoding for Java to UTF-8 and it was resolved.

Thank you so much!