Maps App: Bug or misconfiguration. List of maps not available. 2.30

Hello !

I am having a strange issue: in the new Maps App of DHIS2.30, the users are not able to get the list of the available maps when clicking “Open”.

As shown in the image, DHIS2 tries to get this list in the wrong url: it cuts 2 or 3 levels of my url. (Note that it’s trying to get the list from… instead of…

There’s no message in the log, except when starting the instance: (but I don’t know if that is related)

  • INFO 2018-11-05 10:06:33,102 System property dhis2.home not set ( [localhost-startStop-1])

Do you think that is a bug or there is some misconfiguration somewhere ?

(I’ve set the server base in the System setting / Server / Server base URL with no apparent changes)

Thanks so much !


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