Mapping of Organisationunit in data import wizard


While importing the data from the excel file using the Data import wizard in Dhis2 App. I am unable to Mapped Destination Organization Units for level 6 in which we have in DB part.
currently now we have visible at level 3

Please need some guidance we need to mapped lower level organisationunit

Hi @Ravikumar

Welcome to the community, and thank you for sharing about the challenge you are facing. Please do post back if there are any updates.

The Data Import Wizard app is developed by HISP Uganda (@sekiskylink please have a look if you can assist here too, thanks!)

@Ravikumar what version of dhis2 are you using? It’s important to know the version number of the dhis2 instance as well as the app. Please provide more details. Additionally, you might find this discussion post helpful if you are using one of the later versions: Import Data Wizard for DHIS2 v2.38 - #3 by sekiskylink

Furthermore, could you please explain more about the organization unit hierarchy, are there any steps to reproduce and understand the issue in any of the instances?

Thank you!