Making use of renderOptionsAsRadio property of Option Sets in custom forms.


This query is regarding Event Capture app.

HISP Sri Lanka has a requirement of rendering a set of radi​o buttons, instead of a (or ui-select) for an option set in a custom form.

We have noticed that in defaultForm.html, this case has been handled by utilizing the property renderOptionsAsRadio. But when it comes to customForms, it just ignore this property.

We tried to manually edit the source of custom form and embed a instead of the auto generated . In that attempt, rendering works fine (visually) but, buttons were not functional since the signature of the callback function (d2-callback-function) of is not compatible with the saveDatavalue function of the angular controller of custom form(Or this callback doesn’t work at all).

However, directive works fine since the signature of its callback (dh-click) is compatible with saveDatavalue * function. (ie. saveDatavalueRadio(eventGridColumn, currentEvent, value))*

I tried to port the logic in defaultForm.html to custom form, but couldn’t find the implementation of d2-custom-form directive in dhis2 repositories.

Could someone please let me know, how we can properly render radio buttons for an option set in custom forms or please let me know, where can I find the implementation of d2-custom-form, so I can edit that to handle renderOptionsAsRadio property of option sets.



HISP Sri Lanka