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I’ve read a lovely book recently, the author is not so popular, you should read that book too, here is the link open link

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Late teenage years, 18 to be exact.

Some friends and I had all agreed to rent out a house together, 3 storey place, 6 bedrooms so one each and a large communal room downstairs that we used as a garage for our motorbikes. Yep, all rufty tufty bikers, long tatty hair, the beginnings of my now magnificent (and greying) beard. Hard as nails, us lot, was the image we were projecting…

So, I’m hoovering up in my room. It’s earlyish in the morning and I put the radio on. A few minutes in, the Pet Shop Boys - Left To My Own Devices came on.

Dunno why it affected me like so at the time, but I went through a full on song and dance routine to this with the hoover, pirouetteing, crouches, OTT vocals, the lot. A hairy bearded diva, right there with the vacuum cleaner.

I never realised the door to my room was open, lost in the bewitching dream of camp pop stardom as I was. I finished my housework and only then noticed a couple of my housemates practically dying with laughter. They had been watching me for the entire performance.

Nigh on 25 years later I still get the piss ripped out of me for that. Don’t care. Pet Shop Boys are my not-so secret guilty pleasure.

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