Lock Exception

Thanks for the work put in having DHIS2 to where it is, Is it possible to have Lock Exception duration included in the current version… so that it doesnt become a hustle to delete every single dataset per OU and period. Instead at the point of adding an exception I’m able to add a number of days, minutes, hours thereafter the datasets locks automatically

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Hi Ronald,

I am not sure it is possible to achieve what you are suggesting, maybe someone can add more, but what you can do is closing the Organisation Unit which disables entering data in any Data Set assigned:

Thanks Jaime

I actually use that option, but my problem is after the dataset has locked there usually updates that may be required for specific org unit and probably you only want to restrict to it… Yes its done in exception but closing again is tedious especially is they are multiple and you don’t want to delete the whole batch.

There is after the period in exception can be added duration so that at point of adding an org unit dataset you give a period then automatically deletes the exception without having to go back and delete.

If not clear let me explain further with images

@Ronald, thank you very much for bringing this up. This is one of the features we use mostly and we encounter your challenge. Just wanted to add my voice on your post.

May be in future releases developers can consider including a more flexible batch delete, that don’t consider the dataset only, but expanded to included combinations like use of orgunit groups, data created of the exception, etc.

Hey Ronald, I see… have you considered creating a JIRA issue as a new feature requesting this?